2021: A Year in Review – Navillus Apparel
2021: A Year in Review

2021: A Year in Review

What a year it was!

We wrapped up 2021 with a successful Christmas season and look forward to continued growth in 2022. We have had a blast growing our business and could not have done it without the support of our wonderful customers.

There is so much to be excited for in 2022!

Navillus Apparel is a young brand. We launched our full line of bamboo apparel back in May 2021. We have remained focused on providing the best quality bamboo fishing hoodies and bamboo fishing shirts at the most affordable price on the market.

Our commitment to sourcing bamboo fabric that is eco-friendly helps us remain true to our mission of being the most sustainable fishing apparel brand. We have seen the impact humans have made to our oceans and believe we need to do our part to help mitigate our footprint.

Throughout the past 7 months, we have been amazed by the wonderful support and feedback from our customers. We have received consistently positive reviews from customers who rave about how our products perform out on the water.

One thing we learned: people love bamboo.

It is a true super fabric and the difference between bamboo and other performance fabrics is obvious. Our bamboo hoodies and bamboo shirts are the real deal. Bamboo is not only the softest material, but it provides so many other performance features. Most notably, the sun protection.

Not only great for fishing, our hoodies are the perfect sun hoodie (and sun shirt) to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. If you’re looking for sun protection, we can guarantee we offer the most comfortable sun hoodies and sun shirts on the market!

As we look forward to 2022, there is a lot to be excited for. We plan on launching a new Spring collection that will be our most expansive collection yet. With all new styles, designs, logos, and features, our Spring 2022 line will be highly anticipated. The collection will likely include all new bamboo fishing hoodies, bamboo fishing shirts, quarter zips, more advanced sun hoodies and sun shirts, and more.

Our originals will remain, especially our staple bamboo fishing hoodie, sun hoodie, lazy Sunday hoodie, everything hoodie, or whatever you want call it! There is a lot in store, and we hope you join us on the journey.

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  • R. Wong

    Absolutely one of the softest shirts I’ve ever warn. Super comfortable. I’m a converted fan from 100% cotton. Well done. I love the honesty and commitment to the brand. Best of luck for 2022. Randy

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