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2022's Best Sun Hoodie

2022's Best Sun Hoodie

2022’s Best Sun Hoodie

Whether you are fishing, walking the beach, hiking, or doing anything in the outdoors, you should make sure you have on a sun hoodie as having proper sun protection is crucial. Sun protection is important for many reasons, most notably to avoid increasing your odds of developing skin cancer from spending extended periods of time in the sun without adequate protection.

There are a few ways to ensure you are getting the protection you need. In this article, we’ll talk about the easiest way: wearing sun protective clothing.

Sun protective clothing comes in many forms, but the most protective and comfortable article is a sun hoodie that provides all around protection - hands, arms, neck, and face. There are many options out there but how do you know which sun hoodie is right for you?

  • UPF Protection
  • Hood Design
  • Features for Sun Coverage
  • Material

Model wearing the Angler Crossover Bamboo Sun Hoodie.

UPF Protection

First, make sure you check the UPF protection that the hoodie offers.

Many hoodies will represent that they have UPF protection, when in fact they have minimal protection and sunscreen is still needed.

Entry level sun hoodies and shirts will have UPF 20+ protection which is adequate for short periods in the sun or during days with a moderate IB index. However, if you will be spending extended periods of time in the sun you’ll want a sun hoodie with a high UPF rating.

Navillus bamboo sun hoodies and bamboo sun shirts provide UPF 35+ sun protection, enough to keep you protected for long days in the sun.

Hood Design

Next, make sure the hood is designed for maximum sun protection. Although it may not seem important, some hoods will not provide covering over the neck and lower face.

A good sun hoodie will have a hood that provides maximum neck and face coverage.

Here at Navillus, our bamboo sun hoodies, are meticulously built with sun protection in mind and have crossover hoods that provide the best sun protection. 

Features for Sun Coverage

Also, make sure to always check for additional features that assist with sun coverage. For example, Navillus’ bamboo sun hoodies have thumb holes that not only provide comfort but also provide additional sun coverage for your hands. 


And don’t forget about the material! You don’t want to sacrifice comfort for sun protection when you can have them both!

Sun hoodies and sun shirts are made from cheap polyester that feel like plastic. Why settle for cotton or polyester when you can wear bamboo which is sustainable, ultra soft and the most comfortable fabric on the market.

The choice is yours. Navillus bamboo hoodies crafted from our premium 95% bamboo blend and offer 35+ UPF sun protection.

Seems like an easy choice to us! Check out the numerous colors and styles of bamboo sun hoodies we have available here.

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