Inshore Fishing Explained: The Guide to Inshore Fishing and Proper Att – Navillus Apparel
Inshore Fishing Explained: The Guide to Inshore Fishing and Proper Attire

Inshore Fishing Explained: The Guide to Inshore Fishing and Proper Attire

Inshore Fishing Explained: The Guide to Inshore Fishing and Proper Attire

Inshore fishing is a captivating pursuit that anglers have been pursuing in Southern coastal waters for years. The pursuit of tarpon, snook, redfish, and other species offers a unique blend of excitement and difficulty that gets anglers hooked. As you gear up for an inshore fishing trip, make sure you pack the necessities and choose attire that will enhance your experience. Inshore fishing in places like Florida is unmatched, offering an abundance of species and year round sunshine that makes it one of the top inshore fishing destinations in the world.


One of the key reasons for inshore fishing’s popularity is its ease of accessibility. Most inshore fishing spots can be reached in a short boat ride, so anglers can spend more time finding fish and less time traveling. Anglers can go out for quick inshore fishing trips and do not need a full day commitment. Inshore waters also are more accessible as they can be fished from shore, from kayaks, or by small boat.


Although the time of year impacts which species have a higher tendency to bite, anglers can fish inshore year round. Each season offers different challenges and opportunities. During the warmer months, shallow flats and grassy areas become hotspots for species like redfish and tarpon whereas in the cooler seasons, fish tend to gather in deeper channels and around structures. This dynamic environment adds excitement and pushes anglers to continuously find new methods and baits to have the most luck in catching a trophy.

Fisherman wearing the Angler Bamboo Hoodie while inshoring fishing.

Proper Attire

In warmer months, anglers must choose inshore fishing attire that provides comfort and adequate sun protection. Lightweight and breathable clothing is a must. Specifically, you will want a long-sleeved shirt made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. Make sure that whichever shirt you choose, the UPF protection is high so you can prevent sunburn and ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the day. Navillus bamboo hoodies and long sleeve shirts are the perfect inshore fishing top as they provide lightweight comfort and natural UPF protection from bamboo. Plus, they are sustainably made and ultra-soft.

When it comes to bottoms, make sure you bring some comfortable and quick-drying shorts, or a pair of lightweight pants. You should expect some inevitable splashes and occasional wading so quick dry material is a must. Also look for materials that resistant to stains and odors, ensuring you stay fresh even after a day under the sun. Navillus offers ultra-comfortable, bamboo lined shorts that are a great option for inshore fishing.

Finally, don’t forget about your hat and polarized sunglasses. Not only are these two critical for sun protection, they also will help you locate more fish and enhance your chances of catching fish. Polarized sunglasses offer UV protection and cut through water glare, allowing you to see beneath the surface with greater clarity. This enhanced visibility is a game-changer, helping you spot movements, locate submerged structures, and anticipate the behavior of your target species.

Good Luck!

Make sure you are prepared for your next trip! With the right gear, you can enjoy the beauty of coastal waters and have a blast chasing inshore monsters.

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