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Key Things to Consider When Buying a Fishing Shirt

Key Things to Consider When Buying a Fishing Shirt

Before you buy a fishing shirt, there are many things that you must consider to make sure you are buying the right shirt.

With so many options out there, it is important to do some research and make sure your new fishing shirt provides all the necessary benefits for long days of fishing.

To help guide you through your buying decision, we provided some buyer considerations below.

  1. Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts
  2. Protection
  3. Quality and Features
  4. Read Reviews

 Model wearing a Marsh Green Icon Long Sleeve Bamboo Shirt.

Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts

Even during the hottest weather, anglers can benefit from a shirt that has long sleeves. Long sleeve shirts that provide UPF sun protection provide adequate, long-lasting protection from the sun. However, not any long sleeve fishing shirt will work.

It is important to make sure the long sleeve fishing shirt you choose is made from breathable fabric. If you are going to be wearing a long sleeve fishing shirt in the summer heat, you want to make sure the fabric is breathable and comfortable.

Navillus provides long sleeve fishing shirts that provide the benefit of 35+ UPF sun protection while having a comfortable, breathable fabric.

Our shirts are made from 95% ultra-soft bamboo that is sustainable and provides all the benefits you need in a long sleeve fishing shirt.



UPF is what tells you how much UV light permeates through a fabric to your skin.

UPF ratings are similar to the ratings you see on sunscreen so the higher the number, the better protection.

Finding a long sleeve fishing shirt with high UPF protection is key. The sun’s rays can be harmful to your skin, so wearing sun protective clothing should be a priority for all anglers, even during cloudy days.

In addition to the sun, you want to get protection from bugs. Especially during certain seasons, the bugs can be a nuisance. Some shirts provide better protection from bugs than others. Navillus’ fishing shirts and fishing hoodies provide UPF 35+ sun protection, enough to keep you covered from the sun’s rays burn during all day trips on the water.

In addition, Navillus’ crossover hoodie provides superior neck and face protection from both the sun and bugs.


Quality and Features

Quality is king, especially if you plan to wear your fishing shirts for a long time.

In addition to quality, make sure you select a shirt with features that will make your experience on the water more convenient. For example, Navillus’ Angler Crossover Hoodie has a pocket that fits your phone, fly box, or other small item. Sometimes finding a high-quality fishing shirt for a reasonable price can be tough.

You do not have to pay $60+ for a quality long sleeve fishing shirt. All of our products are well below $60 and are of good, if not better quality than the other higher priced brands out there.

Men wearing Navillus fishing shirts on a skiff.
Read Reviews

With so many new brands entering the market today, sometimes it is hard to know who is providing high quality products.

Make sure you do your research and read reviews on how any particular fishing shirt has performed for other customers. Most brands will clearly demonstrate customer feedback on their website.

Navillus has generated over 100 five star reviews on its products.

Our customers have consistently praised our fishing shirts for quality, function, and price point.

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