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The Sabalo Fishing Shorts

The Sabalo Fishing Shorts

We'd like to introduce you to your new favorite shorts, the 7.5” Sabalo Fishing Shorts.

Our Sabalo shorts are changing the game for comfort on the water. These shorts are available in five colors: Dark Grey, Olive, Mint Green, Light Grey, and Blue Wave. Not only do these fishing shorts look great, they are highly functional and provide superior comfort on the water.

So what makes for a good pair of men’s fishing shorts?


Model wearing the Sabalo fishing shorts.


First, comfort is key.

Finding a pair of men’s fishing shorts that are comfortable enough to wear for full days on the water is tough. That’s why we built the Sabalo.

For our Sabalo shorts, comfort starts with the bamboo liner. We constructed these lined shorts with an ultra-soft, 95% bamboo liner that provides key performance features like a lightweight feel, strong breathability, odor resistance, and moisture wicking technology. The liner is built from the same material as our men’s fishing shirts and fishing hoodies and provides anglers with an ultra-soft feel and lasting comfort.

To provide further comfort, our lined shorts have an elastic waistband with drawstrings that provide an adjustable fit.


The Sabalo shorts were designed for function.

Not only do the fishing shorts have four pockets to hold all the necessary items while on the water, the quick-dry outer shell make these the perfect shorts to bring for every trip.

The polyester shell of the Sabalo brings the shorts together. The lightweight shell is ultra-moisture wicking and has three primary pockets that provide plenty of room for your pliers, mini fly boxes, phone, and more.

A hidden pocket on the inside liner is perfect to protect your phone, credit cards, and other goods. In addition, the shorts offer 50+ sun protection to ensure anglers stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Whether going casual surf fishing or offshore fishing for the day, the Sabalo men’s fishing shorts fit your need.


The design and style of the Sabalo lined shorts make the shorts versatile for various use cases.

The shorts have the specifications that make them the perfect fishing shorts for long days fishing, but also for other outdoor and casual adventures.

Running from the surf to the bar? These shorts will provide comfort all day long.

Taking a morning run before launching the boat? These shorts provide maximum mobility and can be worn in more active activities.

These shorts are the perfect fishing shirts for your every adventure!


Performance features matter.

The Sabalo men’s fishing shorts were designed with key performance attributes. The shorts provide maximum mobility and durability, allowing a long product life span and confidence for any angler looking to push the shorts to the limit.

The outer shell is stain resistant, and allows anglers to have no stress with fish guts, blood, and salt water getting on the fishing shorts. The shorts also offer a zippered back pocket to better protect personal belongings.


Navillus Sabalo Fishing Shorts

Navillus Sabalo men’s fishing shorts are available exclusively on The shorts are offered in five colors: Olive, Mint Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Blue Wave.

Grab a pair of fishing shorts today and feel the Navillus difference!

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