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What are the qualities of a good fishing hoodie?

What are the qualities of a good fishing hoodie?

Why should you invest in a good fishing hoodie?

Purchasing a good fishing hoodie provides significant benefits over grabbing that old hoodie that’s been sitting in your closet for years. While you certainly can use a normal hoodie in a pinch, meticulously designed fishing hoodies have a number of features that make them very beneficial to both casual and hardcore anglers.

First, a good fishing hoodie provides a barrier between you and the sun’s harmful rays.

For example, Navillus bamboo fishing hoodies provide 35+ UPF sun protection. That means that our bamboo hoodie provides sufficient sun protection for the angler. The UPF features protect anglers for the entirety of a day and enable anglers to limit the use of sunscreen.

A good fishing hoodie with UPF protection is a far more effective solution than wearing sunscreen. Also, the long sleeves will help protect against annoying bugs and wind.

If you fish in warm weather, you will want to find a hoodie that is lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking.

A lightweight hoodie will keep you cool even during the high heat. The long sleeves will provide full sun protection while the lightweight material will ensure you stay comfortable on the water.

Man carrying fishing rods in the Angler Crossover Bamboo Hoodie. This sun hoodie provides 40+ UPF sun protection.

Navillus bamboo fishing hoodies

Navillus bamboo fishing hoodies and fishing shirts are made from 95% ultra-soft, lightweight bamboo that provides comfort in all climates. Our hoodies are breathable and allow anglers to stay cool.

We have received resounding praise for the structural build of our hoodies. They are the perfect blend of comfort, breathability, and function. In addition, they are moisture wicking and provide quick-dry for perspiration and water.

If you are an experienced angler, you know that mobility is key. Make sure you find a fishing hoodie that provides superior mobility and allows you to make tricky, articulate casts. You do not want a thick hoodie that limits your movement whatsoever.

Navillus bamboo hoodies feel like the clouds, so rest assured that you will have full mobility!

When it comes to fishing gear, you’ll have a difficult time finding a more useful asset than a good fishing hoodie with the features we discussed in this article.

However, Navillus bamboo hoodies are not one dimensional. Our hoodies work extremely well for other activities like boating, hiking, sailing, surfing, and other water activities. Although Navillus products were initially designed with the angler in mind, the benefits go far beyond solely for fishing.

Where to buy a Navillus hoodie

There’s only one way to find out whether Navillus has the best fishing hoodies on the market – and it’s to try one! So go ahead and buy one today, there’s free shipping and free returns, so what’s to lose!

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