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Women's Fishing Clothing - Explained

Women's Fishing Clothing - Explained

The Evolution of Women's Fishing Clothing

The options for women’s fishing clothing are starting to improve. Women have historically been underserved in the fishing gear market, with clothing and equipment often made for men and not accommodating to women. But with the growing popularity of women in fishing, that is beginning to change.

Nowadays, women have more options when it comes to fishing clothing that provides comfort, protection, and style.

Model wearing Navillus women's fishing clothing.

Comfort is key when it comes to fishing, as anglers can spend many hours on the water. Women's fishing clothing should fit well, provide ample room for movement, and allow for breathability.

Many fishing shirts and jackets made for women now feature a tailored fit, with materials designed to wick away moisture and keep the angler cool and dry.

Here at Navillus, we designed our women’s line to fit the modern woman looking for a tailored look. Unlike other brands that feature graphic branding and a more boxy fit, our women’s shirts and hoodies are simplistically designed and created for comfort.

Protection from the elements is also important when fishing, especially if fishing in an open boat or on the shore.

Women's fishing clothing should provide protection from the sun, wind, and rain, and many companies now offer fishing gear with built-in sun protection and water-resistant materials. Some fishing shirts even come with hoods or collars that provide extra coverage from the sun and wind. Navillus provides women’s fishing clothing that has all of these benefits.

Our women’s bamboo shirts and hoodies provide UPF 35+ sun protection via our moisture wicking bamboo fabric. Our hoodies have a full coverage hood that further protect women from sun exposure.

Model wearing a women's fishing shirt.

Aside from comfort and protection, style is becoming a big factor for women's fishing clothing.

Many companies now offer clothing in a variety of colors and designs, allowing women to express their personal style while fishing. From bold, bright colors to more neutral and understated designs, there is a fishing shirt for every style. As the fishing clothing market continues to evolve, women are increasingly looking for simplicity and a clean look while out on the water.

This calls for less brand and more focus on fabric and comfort, which is exactly what Navillus focused on designing our women’s fishing hoodies and shirts.

In conclusion, women's fishing clothing has come a long way from the days of ill-fitting, unisex gear. With more options for comfort, protection, and style, women now have access to gear that is tailored to their bodies and designed with their needs in mind.

Whether fishing on a lake or in the ocean, women can now enjoy this pastime in comfort and style.

We recommend you checking out our line our women’s fishing hoodies and shirts here. Join the increasingly high number of women choosing Navillus, the clean and sustainable option for the future of women’s fishing clothing.

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