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Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

What makes bamboo clothing better?

Bamboo is the true super fabric. Not only does bamboo provide unmatched comfort through it's buttery soft feel, the fabric is highly sustainable. 

Here at Navillus, we design outdoor clothing that is simple, affordable, and sustainable. That means we only utilize high quality fabrics and we design our products with simplicity and function in mind. Bamboo helps us achieve those goals. Bamboo viscose is ultra-soft, breathable, comfortable, and has natural performance attributes; making it perfect for outdoor apparel that sits close to the skin like lightweight tops and lined shorts.

Navillus bamboo is OEKO-Tex certified, meaning it has been thoroughly tested for harmful substances. We make sure that everything we sourced is sustainable and produced in a humane, environmental friendly way.

The bamboo tree is used to produce bamboo apparel.


So what really are the benefits of bamboo clothing?

There are many attributes about bamboo that make it ideal for apparel. We are going to go through each of them in depth, so that you can have a full understanding of why you should make the move to bamboo today!

  1. Highly Sustainable
  2. Ultra-Comfortable
  3. Moisture Wicking
  4. Odor Resistant
  5. Sun Protective
  6. Breathable
  7. Hypoallergenic


Did you know that bamboo is technically not a tree? Bamboo is actually a type of grass! And bamboo is one of earth's most sustainable resources as it does not require irrigation or pesticides to grow. In addition, bamboo can be harvested several times a year without being replanted. 

Model wearing bamboo apparel in the Texas sun.

1. Highly Sustainable

Unlike other fabrics, which are generally made from unsustainable materials and treated with chemical finishes to give them performance characteristics, bamboo apparel is produced from natural fibers.

Bamboo is the fastest growing and most versatile plant in the world, growing up to three feet in height every 24 hours. What's even more impressive, bamboo is naturally organic and doesn’t need pesticides, fertilizers, or insecticides to enhance its growth. 

Bamboo is very beneficial for the environment, as each plant releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. Because of these features, bamboo greatly decreases the amount of greenhouse gases. This drives improved air quality. 

In addition, bamboo can be harvested and grown in the same area indefinitely, so farmers do not need to clear land to replant new shoots of bamboo.

Due to its naturally beneficial fibers, bamboo fabric does not have to be treated with chemical treatments to get its performance benefits. This makes bamboo fabric manufacturing much more sustainable as there is no release of harmful chemicals into water systems and ultimately the environment.

The water used during the manufacturing can therefore be recycled. In fact, about 99% of all wastewater from bamboo fabric factories can be recovered, treated, and reused in a closed-loop process that helps keep treated water out of the ecosystem. Therefore, no artificial irrigation is need to produce bamboo clothing.


2. Ultra Comfortable

Bamboo viscose is the softest, most comfortable fabric on the market today. This makes bamboo apparel a great fit for those with sensitive skin (or just those looking for extreme comfort!). 

There are a few reasons why bamboo is so soft. First, actual bamboo fibers are smooth and round. They also contain pectin, which is a natural ingredient that enhances its soft feel.

Say goodbye to cotton!


3. Moisture Wicking

Bamboo is naturally moisture wicking as bamboo plants typically grow in warm, humid climates. As a fabric, it absorbs and evaporates moisture quickly, making it the perfect fabric for outdoor activities.

This moisture wicking ability is all natural as bamboo does not have any chemicals added.


4. Odor Resistant

Now this is a benefit we all can cheer for! Most consumers today are accustomed to wearing synthetic performance fabrics that, over time, will start to smell. Bamboo, on the other hand, is naturally odor-resistant as no harmful chemicals are ever sprayed during the production process. 

Bamboo's antibacterial properties resist the growth of bacteria and fungus that can help produce the smell in synthetic fabrics.

These naturally odor resistant qualities repel harmful chemicals and mask against body odors.


5. Sun Protective

Bamboo provides natural Ultraviolet Protection (UPF) against the sun's harmful rays. Although seeing UPF protective clothing is commonplace, most fabrics require chemical additives and sprays to get the UPF benefit.

These chemical additives are harmful for you as they can cause skin irritation and harmful for the environment. Plus, they can eventually wash off. 

Bamboo provides natural sun protection due to the composition of its fibers.

If you are highly receptive to sun burn or want to remain protected from the sun, bamboo is the best choice!


6. Breathable

Bamboo is more breathable than cotton and synthetic fabrics as the micro gaps in bamboo allow air to permeate through the clothing so that you can stay cool and comfortable.

This feature is what drives the superior moisture wicking features of the fabric as well. 

Bamboo regulates to you, which allows bamboo clothing to feel warm on cold days and cool on hot days. Bamboo clothing is perfect for all seasons and times of the day. 


7. Hypoallergenic

If you have sensitive skin, look no further. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic as bamboo is not treated with chemical finishes to obtain any of its great performance qualities.

People who have allergic reactions from certain fabrics or chemicals will be free from worry with bamboo clothing.

Bamboo clothing is sourced from bamboo plants.

Make the Move to Bamboo!

Bamboo clothing is ultra-soft, comfortable, and provides numerous performance attributes. The positive benefits are endless. But not only is bamboo good for you, it's good for our planet and good for our future. By making the move to bamboo today, you will help do your part in ditching unsustainable, chemical ridden fabrics and join the shift towards sustainability. It starts with one person! 


Navillus Bamboo

Navillus provides clothing made from a 95% bamboo / 5% spandex blend. Our high composition of bamboo make us industry-leaders as we push the boundaries for comfort and sustainability. Check out our offering today and experience the comfort of bamboo!



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