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The Perfect Bamboo Hoodie

The Perfect Bamboo Hoodie

Looking for the Perfect Bamboo Hoodie? The Search Ends Here.

Finding a versatile, go-to hoodie is tough. This year, we revamped our bamboo hoodies and crafted a hoodie that we think is, well, perfect.

  1. Angler Bamboo Crossover Hoodie
  2. Castaway Bamboo Hoodie

Ryan Morie catching a snook in the Angler Crossover Bamboo Hoodie.

It all starts with the bamboo. As you may already know, there are numerous reasons why we utilize bamboo (check out the benefits of bamboo here). Most notably, bamboo offers natural performance attributes so it is less harmful to the environment than synthetic fabrics without compromising its function.

When you first feel our 95% bamboo fabric, you will be in awe. It simply is the softest fabric on the planet. This provides superior comfort and feel for whatever you plan to do wearing our products.

Our bamboo hoodies got an uplift this year. First, we spent a considerable amount time finding a new supplier that aligns with our environmental concerns. Not only are our new bamboo hoodies sourced from a higher quality bamboo, the bamboo is OEKO-Tex certified. This means that Navillus bamboo has been tested for any harmful substances. We wanted to make sure that everything we sell is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The apparel industry does not have the best track record for environmental success (read more here). We strive to be different. Consumers are shifting their preferences towards the world of fast fashion, which means buying more and more lower quality clothes that can be used for a short amount of time. Our brand wants to counter this trend.

We are purposeful in the high quality fabrics we source and the designs we use. We focus on simplistic designs that will maintain relevance for years to come, which allows consumers to buy less and use our products for longer. Plus, our bamboo is more sustainable than the cotton and synthetic materials popular today.

Back to bamboo hoodies. We launched two styles of bamboo fishing hoodies. Both are made from our lightweight 95% bamboo blend that was designed to be versatile on any outdoor adventure.

Colorways of the Castaway Bamboo Hoodie

1. Angler Bamboo Crossover Hoodie

Originally launched in 2021, the Angler Bamboo Crossover Hoodie was an instant hit. Now our #1 selling product, our customers have loved the simplicity and comfort of this bamboo hoodie.

This year, we launched three new colors of the hoodie. These colors were all produced by our new supplier and are even softer than last years launch.

This bamboo fishing hoodie is lightweight and provides 35+ UPF sun protection. Plus, the crossover hood provides even more sun coverage than a regular hoodie.

Initial feedback has been fantastic! We are excited to continue the initial success and continue to launch more colors of the Angler Bamboo Crossover Hoodie in the coming months.

 Fisherman catching a redfish in the Angler Crossover Bamboo Hoodie.

Here’s what customers are saying about the Angler Crossover Bamboo Hoodie:

“These shirts are absolutely comfortable year round, (Base layer for winter) but exceptional in the hotter months. Bamboo is my new go-to! Nothing even comes close!” – Keith

“This is my first bamboo shirt and I'm impressed! I wish all of my clothes were made out of this material.” – Jon

“This hoodie is perfect with how soft it is, it's like you're barely wearing anything and I like having the hoodie for times when you're stuck in the sun and don't want to burn. I can see me wearing this all summer.” - Ryan

2. Castaway Bamboo Hoodie

The Castaway Bamboo Hoodie just launched in June 2022 and we are excited to finally offer another style of bamboo hoodie.

We ditched the pocket on this versatile hoodie and currently offer three subtle colorways: Breezy Blue, Coastal Green, Dark Sage. Made from our ultra-soft, lightweight bamboo blend, this fishing hoodie offers 35+ UPF sun protection.

The Castaway has a mid-crossover hood that provides great all around sun protection and sits well when not being worn.

See what customers are saying about the Castaway Bamboo Hoodie:

“I hate wearing shirts but I actually want to wear these lol definitely my go to from now on.” – Josh

Navillus Bamboo Hoodies

Bamboo is the future, so get on the train early! Because of solely provide product via our website, we can offer our bamboo hoodies at a significant discount to our competitors. This enables us to provide superior value to you, our customers.

Looking to buy, act quick as we sold out quickly last time around! If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing down as these hoodies run a little big.

As the summer heats up, now’s the time to grab a bamboo hoodie!

Angler Crossover Bamboo Hoodie

Castaway Bamboo Hoodie


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